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Social Security Disability Benefits



Being disabled isn't something the average person thinks about on a daily basis. Nevertheless, a physical disability or mental impairment can be a life altering event. You may have already been denied Social Security disability benefits which means you should file your disability claim as soon as possible. If you're not working due to a disability and you're under 64 years old, then it's possible to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. We offer a FREE comprehensive analysis of your case. Contact us today and take your life back!

Hope for a brighter future. Explore your Social Security disability options.



The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits is complex and each case requires a slightly different approach. It's unfortunate, but most individuals who become disabled look for representation only when their initial application has been denied. The Social Security Administration awards benefits largely based on collection, examination, and review of your documentation. Make sure you have good quality documents to support your disability claim. Medical reports should be included along with documentation detailing any physical or mental limitations. Include all records explaining how your day-to-day life is affected by your condition. Also, there are specialty medical services who work directly with individuals in need of Social Security disability benefits. These medical services charge "out-of-pocket" costs but these providers create detailed records of your condition. 

Applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can be overwhelming. Most people seek help only after an initial application denial. The SSA relies heavily on medical documentation to assess claims. Gather strong evidence! Include detailed medical reports outlining your limitations and how your disability impacts daily activities. Specialized medical services can also create comprehensive records (additional costs may apply). Appeals follow a similar process. We analyze your denial letter and all documentation to develop a winning strategy. We explore all avenues for reconsideration and prioritize securing your benefits. Our FREE evaluation clarifies your situation and helps you decide between filing an initial application or an appeal. Contact us today! We have the expertise to deliver the results you deserve.

The process to evaluate an appeals claim is similar to that of the initial application. We review your denial letter and examine documentation to determine the best possible outcome for your case. We consider all possibilities regarding your request for reconsideration. We make recommendations that are focused on you receiving your disability benefits. We help you make sense of your disability claim by providing an honest evaluation of your circumstances. Our FREE assessment will help you determine if filing an initial application or submitting an appeals claim is right for you. Contact us for more details and let us help you determine the best option for receiving benefits. We have what you need to deliver the results you want.  FREE Evaluation


overwhelming which is why it is very important to speak with Social Security disability specialists to avoid common mistakes that can delay a decision for many months or even years. This can be avoided by working with experienced professionals who specialize in Social Security disability benefits. Our methods insure that your case has the best chance of winning your benefits. Contact us for a FREE evaluation and let us help you take the next step. We will show you the quickest path to receiving benefits without being denied. Our FREE assessment will help you determine if filing an initial application or submitting an appeals claim is right for you. Contact us today for a new beginning! FREE Evaluation

The majority of disability denials happen to those who request benefits for the first time. The Social Security Administration uses its own medical definitions to determine how it applies to your claim. Our understanding of the Social Security Administration's terminology of medical impairments allows us to develop a clear strategy to win your case. The initial application process begins with your inability to work prior to applying for benefits. The approval process for first time applicants can take three to six months before rendering a decision. If you submit your disability claim with errors it can take the Social Security Administration one year or more before it responds to your application. You have 60 days after receiving a denial letter to file for reconsideration. A reconsideration begins with reviewing supporting documentation and developing strategies to re-apply for benefits.  The Initial application can be ____

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