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Social Security Disability Benefits




Would you like to quickly and easily determine your chances of receiving Social Security disability benefits without cost or obligation? You might be qualified to receive Social Security disability benefits if SSA has determined you cannot perform work due to a physical or mental impairment. We provide Social Security disability representation for SSDI and SSI services. Fill out the Evaluation Form and an experienced specialist will contact you to complete your FREE case assessment. There is no fee or obligation for this evaluation.

Social Security disability team helping clients with claims and appeals.


Securely submit your disability information. Protected by Olivia Prime.

Olivia Prime

Secure Data System

Disability Advisors, LLC safeguards your personal data and agrees not to offer or sell your private information. Your data is stored within the Olivia Prime Secure Data System. The collection and use of your personal information is protected and not shared or disclosed with third parties. 

Long COVID & Social Security disability. Learn how it affects you.

Post COVID-19 Evaluation 

At this time, the Social Security Administration does not have a disability listing for Post COVID-19 or Long COVID symptoms. Medical testing has been ongoing to determine if Post COVID-19 or Long Haul Syndrome has caused permanent or irreversible health conditions. If you have been experiencing Post COVID-19 symptoms lasting longer than one year along with other medical symptoms then you might be considered "severely limited" and qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Fill out the online Evaluation Form and a member of our staff will contact you to determine the best disability option that is right for you. 



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